Maserati ditches Taiwan film awards after China boycott

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    Maserati, built to work like a Chinese product, but priced for the Italian market.
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    look at the China market share vs Taiwan market share, you get the picture
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    Whenever you make your platform political, you will lose Chinese market.
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    I had a professor in college around 1980, some few years after Nixon began to urge China to open up their markets and engage the world markets. He said "let sleeping giants lie". He said when China begins to open, their population as they gain wealth will control all world markets and they will set all the rules. He of course was right. Politicians will always take the money in the present and sacrifice the future for someone else to suffer. Its just what money does. People can fake honor and virtuousness but will always follow the smell of money. Your kids and grand kids will pay the price for our infighting about what the US should be in a utopian society. Utopia has never existed and socialism has always failed and sadly every democracy has collapsed or imploded as people vote themselves unearned money and programs that drain the wealth. The ultra wealthy don't collapse with us, they simply find another friendly place to move to and leave the ruins behind. Look back through history at all the failed democracies, beginning with all the Greek city/states. Rome was a republic before the rise of the Caesars and then their collapse as they became soft, self indulgent and reluctant to defend their borders. Even turning over their military defense to mercenaries and non citizens, who of course never felt a real allegiance to their adopted country and were easily paid off by invading tribes and armies. Its true, those who don't know history will repeat it over and over.
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    Don’t buy anything made in China. We are supporting Hong Kong and Taiwan.
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    Maserati has been in trouble with its reliability and resale value. To bow down to China it now will has trouble with buyers's conscience
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    Chinese is using economic as weapons to silent freedoms world wide. Watch what the communist Chinese do. Don't believe what they say or promise. Free Hong Kong and Taiwan and Tibet!
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    Why I said fight for freedom, stand with Laden,,,and I was delete??freedom speech??
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    I can't afford a Maserati, but if I could, now I would never consider buying one. Maserati sold out it's soul for a few dollars. They colluded with the enemy.
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    I just won a good size lotto last month and Maserati SUV was on my car shopping list. Now I have to cross it out.