Mask guidance confusion makes Chicago mom nervous

Many are confused by the CDC's newest guidance on mask wearing. A Chicago mother of two worries that her unvaccinated children will be exposed to the virus. (May 17)

Video Transcript

LANDON WEHBE: I think that there's been a lot of confusion around the CDC guidance because half of the people are wearing masks outside and half of them aren't. Protocols right now around mask wearing and the confusion has made me a little bit nervous. I don't totally trust that everyone not wearing a mask has been vaccinated.

In restaurants and shopping, on areas where I don't know the people that are around us, I prefer for people to be wearing masks, especially for my two kids. Probably my biggest concern is that people are going to take advantage of the system. And if they haven't been vaccinated, then they're still not going to wear a mask.

ANDREW RAAMOT: I could say I've been vaccinated even if I haven't been. And there's no way to verify that. I'm not really sure how to do it better, but I just feel like it's kind of confusing.