‘The Masked Singer’ Finale: Judges Bring Harp to Happy Tears (Exclusive Video)

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After singing her heart out one last time against the Lambs, Harp is getting her flowers during Wednesday night’s finale of “The Masked Singer.”

In an exclusive clip shared with TheWrap, the judges take a minute to give Harp some touching words about her journey on the show.

“You are anointed, sis,” judge Nicole Scherzinger said. “Because when I watched you stand up there in your stillness, I was like that is the power of God in her right now. You are truly one of the best that has ever graced our stage.”

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Harp — as well as judge Ken Jeong — is moved to happy tears by Scherzinger’s praise, saying that she’s admired all the judges for years and feels grateful to finally be “validated” for her talents amid a rough time in the industry.

“It just means a lot to be validated,” Harp, who made her way to the top of the competition this past month, said. “I’ve been through a lot in this industry. Sometimes you forget who you are, and sometimes you need people to remind you, so I thank you.”

You can watch the exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday night’s finale above. Harp — who many are sure is “Glee” star Amber Riley — sung one last time Wednesday against the Lambs — who Ken Jeong thinks are three of the Spice Girls.

“The Masked Singer” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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