The Masked Singer US season 6 sends home first two contestants

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Photo credit: @MaskedSingerFox - Twitter
Photo credit: @MaskedSingerFox - Twitter

The Masked Singer spoilers follow.

The Masked Singer's sixth season kicked off in style in the US last night (September 22), sending home not one but two mystery celebrity contestants.

As part of the show's double-bill premiere, The Masked Singer's opening episode saw Skunk, Octopus, Pufferfish, Mother Nature, and Bull compete for a spot in the next round.

In one of presumably many twists to come, the weird and wonderful competition ultimately eliminated two stars – but only unmasked one.

Photo credit: @MaskedSingerFOX - Twitter
Photo credit: @MaskedSingerFOX - Twitter

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The first (and so far, only) contestant to take off their mask was Octopus, who performed Little Richard's 'Tutti Frutti'. Octopus' real identity – which Ken Jeong guessed correctly on first impression – was basketball icon Dwight Howard of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Revealing why he decided to take part, Dwight said: "Today I came on Masked Singer. It's my mom's favourite show, so I wanted to surprise her and sing my sister's favourite song."

"Once I got the call to do The Masked Singer, I started practising," he added, admitting he'd taken his responsibility as Octopus very seriously. "I got vocal coaches, I was singing every day, I was going to R&B Wednesdays."

One contestant fans didn't hear from following their elimination was Mother Nature, whose real identity remains a mystery despite being voted off the competition

Viewers will have to wait until The Masked Singer's follow-up episode to find out who's behind Mother Nature's mask – and to see who the two new wildcard contestants will be.

That's not the only way The Masked Singer is spicing things up this season, as the series has also introduced the new Take It Off Buzzer for the first time.

Photo credit: @MaskedSingerFox - Twitter
Photo credit: @MaskedSingerFox - Twitter

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"Anything can happen on The Masked Singer. There's no rules," the show's executive producer Craig Plestis explained. "The whole idea to introduce this is just to add spontaneity.

"Our panel keeps saying, 'I know who it is,' but we wanted to put them to the test."

The Masked Singer US airs on FOX in the US, while its UK sister show can be found over on ITV.

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