Masks become mandatory for long distance bus travel

Greyhound is making masks mandatory on board its buses.
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Greyhound, the largest intercity bus system in North America, has announced that face coverings and masks will become mandatory for all travelers as of next week.

After airlines and trains, bus systems have caught on to the trending policy requiring all customers to don protective masks.

As of May 13, all customers will be required to wear face coverings when boarding a Greyhound bus.

The move follows industry trends in the airline industry and intercity rail systems. Carriers like Air Canada, JetBlue, American Airlines and Lufthansa announced that all air travelers will be required to wear masks. The policy has also been implemented aboard the Eurostar rail system.

Meanwhile, aside from mandatory masks and extra cleaning and sanitization procedures onboard the buses, Greyhound has stopped short of implementing structured social distancing measures. While airlines are blocking off middle seats to respect social distancing, Greyhound simply "encourages" passengers to create physical distancing whenever possible.