Masks Are Coming Off In Some School Districts

COVID-19 numbers have been consistently going down in Joshua ISD.

Video Transcript

- We learned that masks are coming off. Plastic dividers are coming down. More schools are easing up on the COVID restrictions now and not actually waiting until the end of the school year. For an update, here's our Jason Allen.


JASON ALLEN: Kids' voices carried across school playgrounds in Joshua Tuesday, with few masks muffling the chatter. As of Tuesday, the requirement to wear a mask at Joshua schools is gone after the district watched virus numbers keep going down even after spring break.

FRAN MAREK: That decision was made looking at that, that we've been able to lower our numbers while we're-- and still come back to some normalcy for our students and staff.

JASON ALLEN: Superintendent Fran Marek told us she recommended the change after watching numbers and surveying the community. More than 50% of families responded that they wanted it to end. Staff wasn't quite as comfortable, with almost half still in support of the requirement.

FRAN MAREK: And this is going to help us. It's going to help us to see. It's going to help us make those decisions for next year when we start school and-- because we're going to be able to monitor this.

JASON ALLEN: Joshua isn't the only district easing restriction. Grapevine Colleyville is shortening quarantine, not requiring plastic dividers, allowing visitors, and masks are no longer required while seated at outdoor sports. However, in other places like Keller, parents are still pushing for something to change.

DOUG HEINZ: They can't pick up cues from communication with their teachers and fellow students. It's a travesty. It is 100% unnecessary.

JASON ALLEN: Joshua could revisit the rule if something changes, but the district is hopeful it took a big step back toward normal. In Joshua, Jason Allen, CBS11 News.