Mass Effect: Legendary Edition reveals massive updates including 40+ DLC, rebalanced weapons and a release date

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Electronic Arts revealed key details about the upcoming Mass Effect: Legendary Edition including the game’s release date.

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a full remaster of the original Mass Effect trilogy. While it’s not a remake, the updates are quite substantial. It will contain over 40 DLC that the three original games received over their lifetimes, 4K HDR, updated models, expanded customization and more.

In particular, Mass Effect 1 seems to have gotten a complete overhaul. Mass Effect 1 in the Legendary Edition will have improved AI, rebalanced weapons, no more class restrictions on weapons, faster elevators and a Mako that doesn’t feel like a slug trying to swim out of tar.

As for the release date, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will launch on May 14.

The squad from Mass Effect 2, generally considered the best title in the franchise.
Credit: BioWare

The squad from Mass Effect 2, generally considered the best title in the franchise.
Credit: BioWare

If you’ve never played Mass Effect before, then the fandom simultaneously pities and envies you. The trilogy is regularly cited as one of the greatest RPGs of all time, despite Mass Effect 3’s highly controversial ending. You tried to warn us, Marauder Shields, but we did not listen.

Joking aside, the Mass Effect trilogy is an epic space opera where you take on the role of Commander Shepard, a graduate of the legendary N7 special forces program and the first human Spectre. As Shepard, you learn that a terrifying race of Lovecraftian machine gods called the Reapers have been genociding the galaxy every 50,000 years or so in what they call the Cycle. How you decide to stop the Reapers — whether as a peacemaker or a warmonger — is completely up to you.

If Mass Effect is a gap in your gaming library, then it’s a shame you never got around to it; however, now you can experience the series for the first time with a completely revamped trilogy. The original series has left behind a groundbreaking legacy that many action RPGs today model themselves after.

After the abysmal launch of BioWare’s latest game Anthem, the company really needs a win right now. Mass Effect fans are hoping that this is it.

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