New mass grave with over a hundred bodies discovered in Mariupol - mayor's adviser

FRIDAY, 1 JULY 2022, 12:33

A new mass grave containing the bodies of more than 100 victims has been found in the city of Mariupol which has been destroyed and occupied by Russian invaders.

Source: Petro Andriushchenko, Advisor to the Mayor of Mariupol on Telegram

Quote: "A new mass grave has been found under the rubble on the Left Bank at 53 Kyivska Street. Once more, over 100 bodies have been found since the end of February. The occupiers are dismantling the rubble nearby, reburial is once again out of the question. People effectively continue to live in basements."

Details: According to the mayor's advisor, the occupiers have practically stopped exhuming the bodies. They are engaged instead in creating propaganda about the alleged restoration of the city.

Therefore, the temporary graves that are dotted about the streets remain on a permanent basis. For example, graves have been located since April at 8-a Kotliarevsky Street in the Central District, a stone’s throw from the so-called ‘civil defence headquarters’.

Previously: Russian occupiers killed thousands of civilians during the capture of Mariupol. According to preliminary estimates, the death toll could reach 22, 000.