Violent, deadly weekend in Chicago

Eight people were wounded in a shooting early Sunday in Burnside on the South Side.

Video Transcript

- Right now, it is quite calm out here. I'm in step out of the way and show you. What we're seeing behind as you can see, there are still several Chicago Police Department vehicles on the scene here. I'm not seeing any ambulances at this point it's very quiet out here.

The morning calm has settled in, but here's what we know from the Chicago Fire Department. Eight people confirmed shot, six in serious to critical condition, one in fair condition, one in good condition. They are all adults and they have been taken to various trauma centers. Again, that is what we have reportable from the Chicago Fire Department.

Back here live, again, just taking a picture of what we're seeing you can see crime scene tape is up. A group of police officers right around eight, I say are standing in the middle of the street here. This intersection at 89 feet Cottage Grove is still blocked off but it is very calm. There are a few people standing about, so we're continuing to gather details. It's still breaking news here.

But again, Chicago Fire Department telling us eight people confirmed shot, six of them in pretty bad shape, it sounds like. We'll bring you an update when we have it back to you.