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Mass Shooting Leaves 9 Dead Including Gunman In San Jose

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A mass shooting at a California railyard left nine people dead. Authorities have identified the gunman, and are still trying to determine the motive. CBS2's Jessica Moore reports.

Video Transcript

- Here at 5:00 with breaking news, a mass shooting at a California railyard. Tonight, at least eight people are dead.

- Authorities have just identified the gunman. They're still trying to determine the motive. CBS 2's Jessica Moore here in studio with the breaking details. Jessica?

JESSICA MOORE: Well, Kristine and Maurice, we now know the gunman was 57-year-old Samuel Cassidy, a transit employee who police say opened fire during a shift change at the railyard this morning. Investigators say Cassidy shot and killed himself as police were closing in.

The 911 calls started coming in just after 6:30 this morning, reporting an active shooter at the Valley Transportation Authority control center and railyard near downtown San Jose.

- We do have multiple victims. And we have multiple casualties at this point. We received information that there are explosive devices that are located inside the building.

JESSICA MOORE: The Sheriff's department confirms it conducted a multiagency rescue operation to evacuate people during the height of the shooting.

LAURIE SMITH: They're my true heroes. There was active shooting going on at that time. There were victims shot in two separate buildings. But they responded. They responded the way that they should. They took their life in their hands. And I know for sure that when the suspect knew the law enforcement was there, he took his own life.

JESSICA MOORE: Police say the dead and wounded were all transit workers.

SAM LICCARDO: This is a horrific day for our city. And it's a tragic day for the VTA family.

JESSICA MOORE: The railyard sits next door to the County Government Center, which also houses the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department.

GLENN HENDRICKS: VTA is a family. People in the organization know everyone. This is a terrible tragedy. And we will do everything we can to help people get through this.

JESSICA MOORE: One of the unions representing the transit employees says it is now on-scene, helping the victims, adding, quote, "We are shocked and deeply saddened by the multiple fatalities and injuries."

Democratic Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal says Congress needs to pass legislation strengthening background checks and banning untraceable weapons known as ghost guns.

RICHARD BLUMENTHAL: This latest gut-wrenching incident of gun violence should shake this Congress into action. The time is now. And I am ready for a vote.

JESSICA MOORE: The FBI is now assisting in the investigation.

And right now, police are working the theory that this was some kind of workplace dispute. Police also confirmed they're investigating a fire that happened at Cassidy's home just before the shooting. Kristine?

- Jessica, thank you.