Mass Vaccination Site Opens At Natick Mall

Looking for a COVID vaccine appointment is turning into a full-time job for many. WBZ-TV's Mike LaCrosse reports.

Video Transcript

- To protect people against the virus a new vaccination site is open at the native mall poised to deliver hundreds of shots a day. Medical workers will be able to give out 500 shots a day to start eventually ramping up to about 5,000 doses a day. When you add in the Natick mall and a Dartmouth location that's set to open, this week the state will have eight mass or large scale vaccination sites, and yet it is still hard to find an appointment. WBZ's Mike LaCrosse is live in Natick tonight with the latest. Mike.

MIKE LACROSSE: Lisa, people are still having a very hard time trying to find appointments. The Natick site just opened up today, and it's already booked.

DOROTHEA INTINARELLI: I just try to get through every day, like everybody.

MIKE LACROSSE: Looking for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment is turning into a full time job for many people who are now eligible to get their shots.

DOROTHEA INTINARELLI: And I just happened to be doing an errand here, and I thought I would pop in to speak to someone to see if there was another site.

MIKE LACROSSE: Dorothea Intinarelli is one of several people I spoke with today who showed up at the Natick mall vaccination site hoping to make an appointment.

DOROTHEA INTINARELLI: But I live in Wayland, and I thought I'd try. It's no big deal.

HEATHER PROVINO: The first thing that people should expect is to have an appointment. If they don't have an appointment, we can't let them in. We're not taking walk ins.

MIKE LACROSSE: The Natick mall location is the state's newest mass vaccination site. It's run by North Carolina based LabCorp. This week is a soft launch with a few hundred shots a day. The 80,000 square foot space will eventually accommodate up to 5,000 shots a day.

HEATHER PROVINO: We're working really closely with the state, and the command center has been unbelievable. Even with the storms last week, we didn't experience any delay in our shipments. People leaving the site are all smiles showing off their 'I Got Vaccinated' stickers.

MARILYN CORREA: I'm number 43 today, so I figure I got to go home and bet it on the lottery or something.

MIKE LACROSSE: Many saying they're now relieved and feel like they have more freedom.

CLAIRE KIRYLO: It's so tough not having it, not being able to do anything or see anyone. So it was a-- a pleasure to get shot.

MIKE LACROSSE: And again, the appointments here in Natick are already booked. The state does add new appointments though for the mass vaccination sites every Thursday. Reporting live in Natick, I'm Mike LaCrosse, WBZ News.