Massachusetts Comedian Facing Possible Charges After Hitting Golf Ball In Yellowstone National Park

A comedian from Massachusetts made one big mistake while on a cross-country trip to hit a golf ball in every U.S. state.

Video Transcript

- Well, a comedian from Massachusetts made one big mistake when he went on a cross-country trip to hit a golf ball in every US state. And now, he's actually facing jail time. WBZ's Lisa Hughes is back now. And Lisa, this is all because he hit a ball in Yellowstone National Park.

LISA HUGHES: Yeah, David. Jake Adams says he never thought his golf swing would get him in trouble, but he is now doing everything he can to apologize for this.

Adams is originally from Barnstable. He posted videos from his month-long trip on social media, hoping to attract more followers and ultimately direct more people to his comedy work. In April, he was at Yellowstone in Wyoming when he hit a few shots with biodegradable golf balls. And now, Adams is under federal investigation, accused of violating rules that protect the park.

JAKE ADAMS: It was not my intent to litter at all. And these balls biodegrade in a matter of days, so I thought I was taking all the right precautions, but I didn't research, really, like, the magnitude of any foreign substance in our national parks. Even the fact that they biodegrade, it doesn't matter, because it's different than their natural ecosystem.

So, so yeah. I mean, I've learned a lot from what's happened. And you know, I want to do everything I can to use my platform to kind of push the message to do things the right way in our national parks, and really respect that land, and don't ever hit a golf ball there.

LISA HUGHES: Definitely saying all of the right things. Now, if he's convicted, Adams faces up to six months in prison and $5,000 in fines. But he must be pretty confident they're going to be able to work this out, because he's already planning another trip. He wants to go to Europe next year to hit a golf ball in every country in 30 days. He says this time, Paula and David, he's going to make sure to pick up every single ball he hits.