Massachusetts high school football coach fired for team’s use of anti-Semitic playcalls

Joseph Wilkinson, New York Daily News
·2 min read

A Massachusetts high school fired its football coach Wednesday, shortly after the team called plays named “Auschwitz,” “rabbi” and “dreidel” during a game.

Dave Maimaron will no longer coach Duxbury High School, district leaders announced in an email. The school also canceled this Friday’s upcoming game and suggested the rest of the season is in jeopardy.

Duxbury High, about 30 miles southeast of Boston, called the plays during its March 12 season opener against Plymouth North, administrators said. The calls were not directed at a specific opponent or individual.

In addition to the anti-Semitic calls, the team potentially used “other inappropriate and derogatory language,” Duxbury Public Schools superintendent John Antonucci told the Boston Globe.

“It is important to note that while the players clearly demonstrated poor judgment, the responsibility for this incident also lies with the adults overseeing the program. In short, this was a systemic failure,” Duxbury school district leaders wrote in an initial email.

After the calls were discovered, Maimaron was suspended for the team’s March 19 game. Administrators said it’s possible the team had been using the same playcalling system in previous years.

Antonucci, along with assistant superintendent Danielle Klingaman and Duxbury High principal James Donovan, promised an independent investigation into the incidents. They also said, “A decision about future games and the fate of the football season will be made at a later date.”

“The outrage is real, warranted, and we hear it. The fact that members of our school community used such offensive language, including anti-Semitic language, is horrifying and disappointing,” they said in Wednesday’s email. “It is important that we get accurate information and facts in this case.”

Duxbury Public Schools is working with the Anti-Defamation League to address the issue, after the organization called for the independent investigation.

Duxbury High won five Massachusetts state titles under Maimaron since 2005, and won this year’s first two games, 35-0 and 37-0.