Massachusetts man swallows Apple AirPod in his sleep

Jami Ganz, New York Daily News
·1 min read

It’s a caution-eary tale.

Massachusetts man Bradford Gauthier took to Facebook this week to share his bizarre experience with having woken up to find he’d swallowed an earbud in his sleep.

“Here’s one for the record books ... I woke up this morning, felt fine, but when I tried to drink a glass of water, it wouldn’t go down, I had to lean over to let it spill out into the sink,” Gauthier, of Worcester, wrote Tuesday.

Though there was “a lot of pressure in my chest” and Gauthier acknowledged “something felt off,” he chalked it up to having been out shoveling snow the night prior.

Searching for his AirPods, which he was using when he went to bed, Gauthier could only find one and recalled his son joking “that maybe I swallowed it in my sleep...

“Fast forward to a trip to the ER and an X-Ray, and sure enough I had an AirPod lodged in the lower part of my esophagus,” Gauthier shared.

The earbud was removed during an emergency endoscopy, but now he’s advising other sleeping listeners to change their ways.

“Be careful listening to wireless headphones when you fall asleep, you never know where they’ll end up!” warned Gauthier.