Massachusetts Museums, Activities Sell Out Amid Capacity Limits

Since museums were allowed to reopen just recently after a couple months of closures due to COVID-19 restrictions, they’ve been booked. WBZ-TV's Kristina Rex reports.

Video Transcript

- Fighting the winter doldrums, particularly this winter, isn't easy. And even if you find an activity to enjoy, you may not be able to get in. With lower capacity limits and a greater need to get out of the house, reservations at museums, ski resorts, even farms are at a premium.

- Kristina Rex shows us this battle against boredom.

TIM RITCHIE: Book early, online.

KRISTINA REX: If you're looking to get out this February vacation, you've probably run into a lot of the phrase "sold out."

KRISTEN SWANBERG: It's been kind of crazy. We start [? offering ?] programs. And then, within a split second, we find that some of these are really selling out quickly.

KRISTINA REX: The trustees of reservations have reimagined programs to be COVID friendly at their more than 100 locations. At Powisset Farm in Dover, you can reserve a fire pit outside for a socially-distant Saturday. But these are selling out well in advanced.

KRISTEN SWANBERG: They need to get out of their houses. And they're feeling a little cooped up. And, you know, it's been a year of sort of living with COVID. And people really are just trying to sort of get out and have some normalcy.

- The opening of the Museum of Science really has been an eruption of joy.

KRISTINA REX: The Museum of Science reopened February 8th at reduced capacity. And tickets have sold out every day this week.

TIM RITCHIE: To have families learning together, and having fun together, this is just a return to the way we've wanted things to be for a very long time.

KRISTINA REX: That same demand spans programs across the state. Wachusett Ski Mountain tickets are sold out through Sunday. Tickets for the Museum of Fine Arts are sold out most of the weekend. And the aquarium has been busy with visitors since it reopened February 5th. The lesson here--

- We're really encouraging people to book in advance.

KRISTINA REX: At least two weeks in advance is what most of these organizations told us. So if you're looking to book a trip to any of these museums, they say, check on line two to four weeks before you plan to go. In Boston, Kristina Rex, WBZ News.

- OK, but there is plenty of space. And we can go snowshoeing, and hiking, and walking. I intend to do all of that.

- Intend to really wait for summer and then just go crazy.