Massachusetts Pirates Players Witness Shooting In Green Bay Casino That Killed 2

A statement from the team said everyone was safe.

Video Transcript

- In Wisconsin, now, say they shot and killed a gunman inside a Green Bay Casino last night but only after he killed two people and wounded another. They say the shooting at the Oneida Casino does not appear to be random. In fact, police believe the shooter was hunting for a person at whom he was angry. However when he discovered that individual wasn't there, he decided to shoot some of his target friends and co-workers. Police have not yet released names.

The Massachusetts Pirates football team was in that Casino last night when the shooting happened. The Worcester based Pirates are part of the indoor Football League. The team released a statement saying in part, "the Massachusetts Pirates bared witness to an evil act of violence at the Radisson Hotel in Green Bay. All members of the organization are accounted for and safe." The team is in Green Bay for a game tonight against the Green Bay Blizzard.