Massena Hospital Foundation holding online giving day fundraiser

May 23—MASSENA — The Massena Hospital Foundation is holding a fundraiser that doesn't require leaving home to contribute.

They're holding their first online giving day from noon today until midnight Thursday, with a goal of $50,000.

Executive Director Julia R. Rose said donating is easy. Just visit and click on the "donate" button. The Foundation will also accept in-person donations at the hospital from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. The Foundation is located in the former gift shop on the first level.

Mrs. Rose said the Foundation previously held an annual fundraising auction until COVID entered the picture.

"We needed something that was more than requiring people to come on site to pick up things, for us to store items, asking struggling businesses to yet again donate an item. So, we were trying to find something that's user-friendly" and didn't require individuals to visit the hospital while COVID restrictions were still in place, she said.

In addition, she said, "We were not raising the kind of money that we used to with the auctions, and we thought maybe it had run its course."

With the newest fundraiser, Mrs. Rose said individuals go to the website and can choose three different funds, including money for a new energy-efficient boiler, an upgrade to the courtyard to make it "more of a mindful relaxation space" for staff and visitors, and a one for the areas of greatest need "because we're always asked continuously as things pop up throughout the year."

Visitors to the website will also find four donation challenges and two matches that have been set up by area residents as part of the fundraising effort.

"A match is when someone will match dollar for dollar. Our challenges can be based on the amount raised or it can be based on the number of donors," she said.

Among them is dollar for dollar match for every donation made by a Massena Hospital employee, and up to a $2,000 match for donations to enhance the courtyard.

There's also an "MD Challenge." If 10 doctors donate at least $500 each, another $5,000 will be unlocked and donated to the Capital Equipment Fund. For a "Morning Coffee Challenge," if 15 donors having their morning coffee give to the Mindful Courtyard Fund by noon, $1,000 will be unlocked to support the courtyard project.

There's also a "Louisville Challenge," in which a $1,000 donation will be unlocked for the Capital Equipment Fund if 10 people from Louisville donate. A similar "Tri-Town Challenge" seeks donations from 10 people from Brasher, Lawrence or Stockholm to unlock a donation for the Capital Equipment Fund.

Rounding out the challenges is a "Nurses' Challenge." When 20 nurses donate $50 or more, a donor will donate $1,000 to the Capital Equipment Fund.

"The hospital is situated in Massena, but it's utilized by a larger area. So, we really want all of the communities to think about their care and supporting the hospital," Mrs. Rose said. "It sometimes seems a little parochial and, while that's important to have that pride, it's also important for the surrounding communities, too."

The giving day will support the Massena Hospital Foundation's mission to enhance patient care by funding capital improvements, capital equipment, technology upgrades, staff support and patient comfort initiatives.

For more information, call 315-769-4602.