Massive fight on cruise ship broke out over alleged threesome onboard, passenger claims

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A brawl that broke out onboard a Carnival cruise ship earlier this week was reportedly sparked by allegations of cheating.

The brawl on the cruise ship bound for New York took place around 2am on 28 June on the ship’s fifth floor, where the dance floor and casino were located.

An eyewitness told Fox News Digital that the fight broke out over allegations of a threesome between passengers that had upset their significant others.

Theresa James, a travel agent, said she saw the fight from her door.

She said that beer bottles were smashed and one of the three passengers may have been injured during the fight, which lasted about an hour and eventually included some 60 people.

Ms James said that the fight was not physical the whole time. But it started from the fifth floor and went to the first floor, which according to Ms James, was a long distance.

She said that that the guests involved in the fight were “ignorant fools acting stupid”, adding that the situation could have worsened if security had not been called in.

Eventually, the ship’s security personnel had to call in the US Coast Guard to break up the fight.

Another passenger, who uses the Twitter handle “nyeem0,” said he was “at the bar listening to my own music sipping a Shirley Temple” when the brawl “broke out of nowhere”, reported The New York Post.

He said some passengers were “injured and cut up from glass” and that “most, if not all” of the ship’s security guards rushed to the club to stop the violence.

“It was the last night, so I guess they wanted to go out with a bang.”

Authorities on the ship said the cruise docked in Manhattan as scheduled on Tuesday morning.

While police were waiting for the cruise’s arrival, it is not clear whether any arrests have been made in the case.