Massive Fire Rips Through Mercer County Apartment Complex

Alicia Roberts reports.

Video Transcript

- A massive fire ripped through a New Jersey apartment complex displacing dozens of people and injuring four firefighters. It happened at the Avalon Princeton Junction apartments on Taylor Court in West Windsor Township, Mercer County. Eyewitness News reporter, Alicia Roberts looks at the damage and listens to those displaced.

ALICIA ROBERTS: Building 8 sits dark behind me gutted by smoke and fire. Four firefighters had to be treated for minor injuries, no other residents were hurt. But we spoke to three eyewitnesses who were home when the fire started, two of them who lost everything in a few scary minutes.

CHRISTINA WILSON: I was panicked and I started crying because the fire spread so fast.

ALICIA ROBERTS: Images from the air and ground show the massive four-alarm fire that consumed a West Windsor apartment building Wednesday afternoon. The fire started just after 3 o'clock. At its peak, 200 firefighters were working to keep the flames from spreading.

LT. MICHAEL MCMAHON: It quickly went to two alarms. Ultimately, it went to a four-alarm fire before it was brought under control.

CHRISTINA WILSON: It went from the right side of the building to the middle in probably, about like 10, 15 minutes. And it just kept getting hotter and hotter. It was so hot you can feel the heat from across the street. And like embers started to come by, they had to move the fire line back. It was horrible.

ALICIA ROBERTS: Vishal Sapru FaceTimed with us just after his unit was evacuated.

VISHAL SAPRU: We saw the fire coming towards our side of the unit as well. And pretty much, it engulfed everything.

ALICIA ROBERTS: He's one of 24 apartments destroyed.

- When you see smoke you run. And so I grabbed my phone, my keys, and my work laptop. That was it.

ALICIA ROBERTS: I asked that resident if she lost everything.

- I think so. Yeah, it looks that way. But I'm safe and I'm counting my blessings on that.

ALICIA ROBERTS: Counting her blessings for sure. The Red Cross tonight is going to step in to help those families impacted. We've also learned that West Windsor Fire, along with police detectives and the Mercer County Prosecutor's Office are partnering into the investigation to what caused this fire.