Massive fire rips through Nassau Bay condos

Multiple factors, like the age of the structure and not having sprinklers, contributed to the fire that damaged 16 units, the fire marshal said.

Video Transcript

ART RASCON: And that breaking news coming out of view from near Galveston-- Nassau Bay Area, actually. We've been following this for the past 45 minutes. And as you look at this raging fire, much of it out, but still out of control. As you can see there, from the top, it is continuing to burn, and even that fourth story has collapsed in many areas of that building. 75 apartment unit or hotel unit there, but still, many of those are lost as a result of this fire that we've been bringing to you all afternoon. We'll have much more in just a moment.

- Yes, and Art, we can tell you that Don Armstrong got the first look at the scene from above 45 minutes ago. We are now seeing what it's looking like right now. So much destruction. So many of these parts of the building have collapsed. Don, what are you seeing right now?

DON ARMSTRONG: Well, as you mentioned, we were coming back from the Sugar Land, area, actually over to NRG Stadium to check out the COVID shot vaccine area over there, and we noticed the smoke on the horizon. And I mentioned the fact, to the extent that we could see it that far away. We're right across the street, really, from the NASA area, and this is actually the Manned Spacecraft Center nearby. And we're on Clear Lake, a little area behind Clear Lake, and these 75 units of condominiums.

As you can see, this particular set right over here at the end all actually destroyed by fire. The one thing I did want to note is that this has a firewall in it. You can see the little straight oblong section next to the apartments that are still intact. That is a firewall in there, and that has helped save the rest of this unit, of these apartments or condos here along Clear Lake.

Fire crews, including fire boats pulling water from the Bay here, and a lot of fire crews from different fire companies in the area are on scene. The good news is that we are seeing white smoke, which usually means that the fire is getting somewhat under control. Of course, we'll keep on top of this for you. Reporting live from the sky, Don Armstrong, ABC 13 Eyewitness News.

- All right, excellent reporting. Thank you, Don. We appreciate it. And there's another note of good news here, and that is that we do not-- have not heard of any injuries as a result of this fire, which is certainly great.

All right, here is a map of where that fire is. This is just off of Clear Lake at the Bayfront Towers, right there at Nassau Bay. A good look at that map there. Bayfront Towers is the name of that place. Again, at least a dozen units there consumed.

- Yeah, and take a look at some viewer video from a nearby building. One viewer sent us his vantage point of the flames, and you can just see how intense it was, the flames shooting out, and then the thick, black smoke as so much damage was done. Again, we continue to stream this right now on, our news app, and your favorite streaming devices like Roku or Fire Stick. We also have a ground crew headed to the scene, so you can look for updates throughout this newscast and throughout the evening.