Massive, furry spider forces Australian woman to face fears

An Australian woman encountered and captured a massive spider in her home in Mandalay, Queensland.

Video Transcript

- I can see how furry it is and I don't know what to do. What are you doing in my house?


- Guys, it's bigger than my kids sock.


- I have a plan-- -- I think. Oh, Jesus. I've got the shakes. This is worse, it feels like it's worse, than a snake. The snake was worse than this. The snake was worse than this.

Get in the tub. Off you go, buddy. That's it. In the tub. Yeah, yeah. Get yourself in there. Look, it's like a beautiful new home. Oh, get yourself.


- Get! Oh, my god. He's in the thing. Oh, god. He's in the thing, people.


- He's in! Panicking, not panicking, not panicking, not panicking. Panicking, I'm panicking.


- Oh!