Massive Marin estate could sell for $25M: Here's how it looks

There's not even a house built on the property yet, but if you're hung up on that minor detail, you're simply not the buyer they have in mind.

Video Transcript

STEVEN MAVROMIHALIS: What makes this property special and why we call it the last real estate unicorn of its type in the Bay Area is the fact that it has a combination of features and amenities that no other parcel of land in the Bay Area-- frankly, I think, anywhere in the country-- has. First of all, as the crow flies, it's 9 miles from San Francisco, about 12 miles on road.

Then it is 140 acres with a 32-acre building envelope that is on top of a flat ridgeline of a mountain. So the land is all very usable. It is also benefiting from approved plans to build 27,500 square feet of finished space, which includes a main house, guest residences, a pool house, pools, stables, tennis courts. Really, it's only limited by your imagination.

But all of that is already vested, so an owner can begin the development very quickly. The architects are in place. The builder who's familiar with the property is in place. We already have approvals from the county.

On top of that, you have a 360-degree panoramic view. In one direction is complete nature, and the other part is looking at the San Francisco Bay, bridges, Downtown San Francisco, Downtown Oakland, and everything in between. There's just nothing else that has that combination. And it's all going to auction through concierge with no reserve.

TONY YOUNG: As we approach April 22, we expect to have somewhere between three and five bidders that will compete for the property and auction. Each of those bidders will be vetted. This is a no-reserve auction, as Steven mentioned. There are also no contingencies, all cash, 30-day close. So it's a very clean operation from the transacting-the-business standpoint.

For me, this particular property is so rare because in Marin County, California, to find 140 acres is just unheard of and especially for those that are familiar with California, knowing that the building-permit process can be very tedious, very time consuming. But even beyond that, to have 140 acres of your own place at the top of a mountain with the views that we have and the ability to build up to 27,500 square feet, as Steven mentioned, is just remarkable in itself. We feel like we're going to have a very successful auction.