What we know about the massive fire near Slinger that started at a wood warehouse

More than 20 fire departments are still working to put out the last of a massive structure fire outside of Slinger that started Sunday night.

Once sprawling and visible from the highway, the fire has since been tamed to a controlled area of smaller fires and smoldering rubble. As fire officials continue to secure the area here is everything we know about how the fire started, how big it was and when it is expected to be put out.

Where did the fire start?

Shortly before 7:30 p.m., the Slinger Fire Department and Lifestar EMS were dispatched to Oak Creek Wood Products, which is located alongside Highway/I-41 south of Slinger in the town of Polk, for a structure fire.

The fire was mostly contained to the complex in which Oak Creek Wood Products is located, but some of it did move into the surrounding area before being corralled by fire officials.

How did the fire start?

Shortly before 7:30 p.m. Sunday the Slinger Fire Department and Lifestar EMS was dispatched to the 3200 block of Sherman Way for a structure fire, the fire department shared in a Facebook post.

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, when responders arrived they discovered equipment and piles of mulch had caught fire outside of the building and were accelerating the spread of the fire into the back of the building.

Because of the mulch and various other flammable objects found in the building, officials said the fire likely spread into the rear of the building where it quickly set the structure ablaze.

How big was the fire?

Firefighters from more than 20 departments responded to the blaze as it grew. They were able to stop the fire from spreading into the entire building, containing it in the back portion.

At one point, officials closed Highway/I-41 southbound at Highway 60 for roughly two hours while firefighters worked to contain the fire.

Fire officials have not given an official number on how big the area of the fire was, however, at its apex the flames were easily visible to drivers on the Highway/I-41.

Has the fire been put out?

While the fire is still being put out, it has been significantly weakened since responders first arrived. A Wisconsin Department of Transportation traffic camera video shows that drivers could still see a large plume of smoke during their morning commute today.

The sheriff’s office has said fire crews are expected to be on the scene into Monday morning as they continue to try and extinguish the many areas still burning and smoldering.

Officials have not given any indication of when they might expect the fire to be fully extinguished.

Was anyone hurt during the fire?

The sheriff's office has confirmed that there have been no injuries so far from the fire or the firefighting efforts. No damage assessment is yet available.

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