MATA overcharged riders expecting Ozone Day discount

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The Shelby County Health Department issued a Code Orange Air Quality Alert for the area on Monday. When that happens, MATA is supposed to charge riders 25 cents rather than a full fare, typically $1 for adults and 50 cents for seniors.

But that didn’t happen Monday morning.

Things have been corrected, but there are many riders who were overcharged. One rider said it’s inexcusable.

“The fare should be 25 cents each time you get on the bus. And, MATA has been charging full fare,” said MATA rider Janice Mondie.

That’s because the Shelby County Health Department announced on Sunday night that the county would be under a Code Orange Air Quality forecast advisory on Monday, trigging Ozone Day for MATA and MATA’s riders.

The overcharge-oversite was corrected after Mondie brought it to MATA leaders’ attention via email Monday morning.

“I am a rider. It’s not my job to bring to your attention you should be honoring certain fares,” said Mondie.

Mondie said this isn’t the first time, nor the only issue with public transportation.

“MATA is doing a poor job with scheduling. The buses don’t go where they’re supposed to go at the appropriate times of the day,” said Mondie.

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That’s a long-standing complaint from bus riders. We talked to one rider who told us he had to wait hours for a bus at his stop.

”Their services are so unreliable, so undependable, that people just give up. Often time, you have those who don’t have the option for other means,” said Mondie.

That’s why Mondie is calling for change.

”It’s time for MATA to have new executive leadership,” said Mondie.

MATA rectified the issue Monday morning. If you paid prior to that, call customer service to receive a one-day bus pass.

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