Matt Amodio has a message for ‘Jeopardy’ fans after his stunning loss

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More than $1.5 million richer thanks to his inspiring “Jeopardy” winning streak, Matt Amodio isn’t letting a little loss ruin his day.

The Yale Ph.D. candidate finally cracked Monday night, ending his run at 38 days when he came in third behind actor Jonathan Fisher and statistical research specialist Jessica Stephens.

“People saying to me ‘I’m sorry for your loss’ has a different meaning than usual today,” Amodio tweeted Tuesday. “Perspective is important. I may not be gracing the Jeopardy stage every day, but I’m still here!”

Amodio’s streak left him behind just Ken Jennings on the leaderboard, albeit 36 wins behind.

“Matt is just such a fantastic player,” Jennings told “The one thing I admire more than anything else on Jeopardy! is consistency. It’s so hard to come out and win day after day and week after week.”

Amodio is still at the top of the list for the upcoming Tournament of Champions, a spot he’s unlikely to lose.

“He was unbelievable, and also really, really fun to watch,” new host Mayim Bialik said. “I don’t think that I’ve experienced in all the time that I’ve been here anything like that, with the pace and intensity that he was able to keep up.”