Matt Ryan

Fearless Forecast: 4020 PASS YDS, 24 PASS TD, 35 RUSH YDS, 0 RUSH TD, 11 INT
Projected Rank: 19

Video Transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: We may not be getting the best version of Matt Ryan now that he's 37, but he's thrown for 4,000-plus yards in 10 different NFL seasons. That's pretty good. He is a serious upgrade from Carson Wentz in Indianapolis. Michael Pittman is great, a potential wide receiver one in fantasy. The Colts have other pieces certainly capable of fantasy relevance. It is a good environment.

Indianapolis was a great landing spot for Matt Ryan overall. This team can win a division. Ryan can get back to that 4,000-yard mark. I think he does it. I'm going to forecast 4,020 passing yards this year, 24 passing scores, most of those to Pittman, 35 rushing yards, no scores on the ground.