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Matte Red and Glittering Gold Is the Nail Polish Combo You Didn't Know You Needed

We never get sick of seeing the quintessential red and green Christmas color combo in our holiday decor, with our Christmas tree, and even on our cookies for Santa this time of the year. But seeing the color combination on our nails can feel a little ... on the nose. Fear not — there are plenty of seasonably appropriate nail art palettes with different colors to choose from — like red and gold, for example.

These red and gold nails are festive enough to show off at your next holiday party but also universal enough to wear year-round. Because while we love winter nail art (especially those pretty poinsettias!), we also love a low maintenance design we can wear into the new year — because the holidays are already busy enough as it is. Get your acetone handy, because these are the best red and gold nail designs to inspire your next look. P.S., if you're looking for some non-toxic nail polish brands to get the job done, we definitely have some recommendations.