Mattress Mack makes 1 of March Madness' biggest bets

The lucky winners will win a free flight on a private jet to Indianapolis to watch the game!

Video Transcript

MATTRESS MACK: Everything is good. How are you?

- Good. We've got our U of H age gear, our fever. We're ready to go. Excited about tonight.

MATTRESS MACK: Hey, man, you have a white shirt on.

- There you go. So we-- first question for you is, you've kind of become really popular-- I dare to say, world famous-- for making these bets. Tell me about this latest one on U of H.

MATTRESS MACK: The latest bet is, you know, I was talking to one of my gambling friends the other day about the future odds to win the NCAA title, and I thought 8-1 would be a good price on U of H, and turned out it was 9-1, so I decided to bet $1 million on the Cougars to win it all at 9-1, so to bet a million returns 10, so I got my fingers crossed and 10 toes down, pulling for the U of H Cougars, our hometown team.

- How exciting is that for you? I mean, you got the Astros who are obviously doing really well. Now you got you got U of H kind of in the national spotlight. What does that mean to you as a Houstonian and one of the faces of Houston, if you will?

MATTRESS MACK: I think all Houstonians are sports fans. We love our Rockets, love the Texans, love the Astros. And, you know, we love U of H, and Rice and all the other teams here. So having the fact that U of H might be able to get the elite spot in college basketball in the country is really exciting for all of us. Four games to go, and we'll all be pulling very, very hard for those Cougars tonight when they play Syracuse. So go Cougs. Wear that red, and we'll hope the Cougs are victorious the next four games and bring home a national championship to Houston. That would be spectacular.

- One more question for you, Mack. If you could go in the locker room today, if you could address the guys before the game, what would you say to them?

MATTRESS MACK: I'd say the entire city is proud of them. The entire city loves the way they fight and never give up, as evidenced by their last game. And just keep it up, and I think the Cougars have a great coach. They got a great team, and probably most importantly, as [INAUDIBLE] would say, they have a great culture. So I would say go Cougs. Go out there and do your thing, play your game, and let's bring home a win.