Mayim Bialik says she's had 'a lot of trouble' launching a 'Blossom' reboot

Reboots abound on TV these days, but not every beloved show is guaranteed a second life.

That's a truth Mayim Bialik and "Blossom" creator Don Reo are discovering, as they try to get a network to agree to a limited reunion/reboot with them in charge.

As Bialik told Entertainment Weekly, "Don Reo and I do have a limited reboot that we would like to do."

But, she added, "We've had a lot of trouble getting our network on board."

"Blossom" ran from 1990-95 on NBC. Her co-stars included Joey Lawrence, Jenna von Oÿ, Ted Wass and Michael Stoyanov.

Over the years, the cast has reunited off-camera to pose in several fun photos, including a 2017 shoot for EW.

Bialik, 45, who now stars on Fox's "Call Me Kat," has all kinds of ideas about what Blossom would be doing more than 25 years after the finale.

She'd probably be "a civil rights attorney or someone working with children who were removed from their homes. She'd be doing something humanitarian," Bialik said.

She's not above reaching out to fans to show networks just how much interest there really is. "At a certain point, I may just start a grassroots fan campaign to see if we can do it because we absolutely would love people to see where these characters are," she said.

#BlogHer16 Experts Among Us Conference (Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty)
#BlogHer16 Experts Among Us Conference (Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty)

"(Reo) and I talked about it and we kind of decided after literally years of trying to work on this that I would probably just say it out loud," she added. "We do have a well-formed idea and we would love someone to let us do it."

At least for now, fans can find reruns of the original "Blossom" on Hulu; they've recently returned to the streamer.

Blossom (Alice S. Hall / NBC)
Blossom (Alice S. Hall / NBC)

But if there's one thing any reboot won't feature, it's Blossom's signature floppy hats.

"I should not be seen in those hats," she said. "I did it once and I'm done. Other people can wear them but I will never wear one again."