Mayim Bialik shares the surprising photo she used for her 'Jeopardy!' ID

Casey Durkin
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Mayim Bialik has revealed the unexpected photo that she submitted to be on her official “Jeopardy!” ID card.

On Monday, Nov. 14, the co-host showed fans her badge, which features a picture of her wearing a hospital gown.

“(When) @jeopardy asks you to send a picture for your ID and you decide to be funny and send the selfie you took in the dressing room at your first ever mammogram,” she wrote on Instagram along with a laughing emoji.

It seems like the “Call Me Kat” star took the funny selfie when she visited the hospital for a screening a couple months ago.

In August, she shared an Instagram slideshow of her wearing a blue patient gown and mask during her mammogram.

“Here’s your friendly neighborhood reminder to please get your yearly pap tests and mammograms if you’re over 40, or have a family history!!” she said in the caption.

Bialik continued, “Fun fact about my recent visit — I somehow managed to break open the top of the gown, making it unwearable. (I tore it open like a toilet seat cover.) The doctor said she had never seen anyone not know how to put on a top.”

She playfully mocked herself and concluded, “Guess a PhD means nothing when faced with a paper hospital gown.”

After rising to fame on "Blossom" and before starring on “The Big Bang Theory,” Bialik earned a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA.

Now, Bialik navigates filming episodes of the Fox comedy “Call Me Kat” while also co-hosting “Jeopardy!”

In July, Michael Davies, an executive producer of the game show, announced Bialik and Jennings as the permanent co-hosts of “Jeopardy!” following the death of Alex Trebek in 2020.

“The fact is, we have so much Jeopardy! to make, and so many plans for the future, that we always knew we would need multiple hosts for the franchise and we are just so grateful that Mayim and Ken stepped in and stepped up to put the show in a position to succeed,” Davies explained in a statement posted on the show’s website.

He said that Jennings’ hosting duties, which began in September for the new season, will continue until December.

Jennings has already hosted the first “Second Chance” competition this season and the “Tournament of Champions,” which includes history-making “Jeopardy!” contestant Amy Schneider, is currently underway.

Bialik will take over in January 2023 and host “Jeopardy! National College Championship,” “Celebrity Jeopardy!” and new tournaments as well.

Jennings and Bialik were both guests on the “Inside Jeopardy!” podcast in August and opened up about the most challenging parts of inheriting the show from Trebek.

Bialik said, “I think people don’t realize how many things you’re calculating because you want to move things along. You also want to give things their fair weight. Also, there’s someone in your ear and there’s many opportunities for, ‘Oh, my gosh, that was the wrong thing to say.’ And there’s a lot of going back. There’s a lot of editing.”

She added that having a doctorate in neuroscience makes the situation more “stressful.”

“I feel like if I make a mistake, even if we can go back and edit it, it feels very embarrassing, because I think people are like, ‘Oh, she’s a celebrity’ or ‘Oh, she’s got a PhD. She shouldn’t make simple math errors,’” she said. “But sometimes I do it and it’s very stressful.”

Despite the pressure, Bialik said she enjoys running the show and interacting with fans.

“I just love watching people play. I love the excitement. I love the competition,” she said.

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