Vaccination roadshow kicks off in Brooklyn amid news beaches will open on time

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that New York City's public beaches and pools would open on time this spring and summer.

Video Transcript

BILL DE BLASIO: Good news. Before I go to the indicators for today, I've got some more good news because, even though it's still spring, summer is just around the corner. You can start to feel it. And so very, very pleased to announce that this summer, all eight New York City public beaches will be open and will be open on time on Memorial Day weekend starting Saturday, May 29th.

And 48 outdoor public pools will be open after the last day of school-- that next day or a few days later-- Saturday the 26th of June. Saturday the 26th of June, 48 public pools will be open-- outdoor pools. I'll note that five of our outdoor pools are undergoing major rehab, so they will not be open. But the other 48 will be on time. We're going back to the schedule that we had for years and years. And that is a very good sign.

Look, last year, we had to delay the openings with public beaches. We had to limit the number of outdoor public pools. This year, we get to do what is great for the families of this city, the kids of this city-- have them all open. It's outdoors. It's exactly where we want people to be. It's a great way for the families of New York City to spend their summer.

Now, we're going to do it the right way, which means, yes, there will be health and safety measures in place. There will be smart restrictions. They'll be smart rules whenever possible outside the water. Of course, we want people to keep their masks on, et cetera. But it's going to be a wonderful summer in New York City-- lots of outdoor activities, outdoor pools, beaches, cultural events. This summer, New York City is going to come alive. This is going to be crucial to a recovery for all of us.

And we're going to have a safe summer. And we're going to have a fun summer. And this is your reminder that you can do both at the same time. So we're going to-- I'm going to use my whole wingspan here. This means summer's coming, public beaches, public pools, but we're going to do it the safe way. A little bit of social distancing never hurt anyone. So good news ahead.