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Mayor De Blasio Blames Feds, State For NYC’s Gun Violence

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In response, Gov. Andrew Cuomo accused hizzoner of being in denial. CBS2's Marcia Kramer reports.

Video Transcript

- Two children, the innocent victims of gun violence in the city over the weekend. The mayor blames the feds and the state. The governor says the mayor is in denial.

- But none of the finger pointing can change the fact that shootings are up 68% so far this year. CBS 2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer has more.

MARCIA KRAMER: The terrifying flash of a gun over and over again. A mass gunman firing through a railing, hitting 29-year-old Kyle Forrester and killing his young cousin, 10-year-old Justin Wallace, was what brought Police Commissioner Dermot Shea to the family's Far Rockaway home.

DERMOT SHEA: To lend support to the family and know that we're going to do everything possible to get justice.

MARCIA KRAMER: But while Commissioner Shea offered his condolences, he had little in the way of solutions to the gun violence that has plagued the city for months. Shooting victims are up 68% so far this year, 687 compared to 409 last year. That included the 19 people shot over the weekend, which also included a double shooting in the Bronx, where a 12-year-old girl was hit in the ankle.

JEFFREY MADDREY: We can't lose any more children. Our babies out here are dying. We have to come together as a city and deal with this.

MARCIA KRAMER: But Mayor de Blasio, who also visited the family over the weekend, was busy playing the blame game. In addition to demanding the feds stop guns from coming into the city, he advanced a new way to blame the state, saying the state doesn't do enough to help parolees re-enter society.

BILL DE BLASIO: The sad reality is that the state government dumps state prisoners, parolees, into New York City. And the facts are clear, state parolees are more likely to be shooting suspects than they have been in the past.

MARCIA KRAMER: The mayor offered no information about whether the man wanted in connection with the killing of Justin Wallace was a parolee, saying, when asked, only--

BILL DE BLASIO: The parole issue is looming larger and larger.

MARCIA KRAMER: Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo put the issue of gun violence squarely in the mayor's lap.

ANDREW CUOMO: Right now, you have high crime rates in reality and in perception. You never solve a problem that you deny.

MARCIA KRAMER: The governor said that crime and gun violence have implications for the mayor's race, and he doesn't agree with those who want to defund the police. I'm Marcia Kramer, CBS 2 News.