NYC hopes for boost from Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Mayor de Blasio says the city is closing in on two million vaccinations. But, he took another opportunity to jab Governor Cuomo saying his big state-run sites like the Javits Center are not effectively getting the vaccine where it needs to go.

Video Transcript

BILL DE BLASIO: Government. We still need more help from the state government. We still need more help from the manufacturers to make sure the supply is consistent, to make sure it grows, to make sure that red tape is cut, and we have the freedom to vaccinate.

And we've got to fight disparities, which means more grassroots vaccination centers getting more of the vaccine, and recognizing the limitations of some of the big sites that have existed previously. Unless they are targeted properly, these big sites do not actually help us improve equity and fight disparity. Unfortunately, unless they're targeted properly, they could exacerbate disparity.

And the numbers we have now from the big state-run sites-- The Javits Center site-- 42% of the shots going to non-city residents. The Aqueduct site-- 75% of the shots going to non-city residents.

So look, I want everyone to get vaccinated I want everyone in the tri-state area to get vaccinated. Everyone in the suburbs get vaccinated. We need us-- we're all in this together. We all connect to each other. I want to see that happen. But I want to be clear that, in terms of New York City, these sites do not perform what we hoped to see, which was more and more focus on equity.

But what does work, unquestionably, what does work is the grassroots sites-- like we saw at First Corinthian, like we've seen at public housing senior centers, and more and more of this type of approach-- go right down to the community, the sites we've had at high schools all over the city, and, obviously, the sites that we've targeted. Yankee Stadium, targeted for Bronx residents, Citi Field, targeted for Queens residents, taxi drivers, food service workers, Empire Outlets, targeted for Staten Island residents-- these approaches work.

So going forward, more and more of the vaccine to the sites meant for people from each borough, to the sites down to the grassroots in communities, that's what's going to help us achieve more and more equity.