Mayor de Blasio talks about the Open Culture Program

New York City's Open Culture program, which permits outdoor cultural performances on designated city streets, kicks off Monday.

Video Transcript

BILL DE BLASIO: Speaking of artists, I want to talk about our artistic community, our cultural community, theater, dance, music, so many of the things that are part of who we are, part of our identity, part of what makes New York City great, part of our life in this city. And so our Open Culture Initiative is going to bring culture back to our streets.

Now, look, we know for now it's important to stay outdoors so you're going to see live performances outdoors at about 200 locations around the city, some of the greatest artists in the world of all kinds, dancers, musicians, everyone performing out in the streets of New York City, in the parks of New York City, bringing culture back to life in this city.

It's going to be safe. It's going to be socially distanced. It's going to be done the right way. But it's also going to be the beginning of a resurgence, a renaissance of culture in this city. And it's going to be exciting to see it coming back more and more.

Now, we're inviting cultural institutions, dance troupes, theaters, everyone, apply to be a part of this extraordinary program. We want your performances to be seen. We want the great artistic contributors to each of these wonderful organizations to come out and get the accolades they deserve and a chance to work again.

Applications open up today at 12:00 noon. So if you are an artist, a cultural institution, a venue, please apply, Let's get started. Let's do this. It's going to be an exciting spring and summer ahead.

And let's face it. This is so important. It's so important for the artists who, even in good times, a lot of artists struggle to make ends meet. The pandemic's been very tough on the cultural community. Let's give our artists a chance to get their livelihoods back. Let's get a chance to see these beautiful performances that mean so much to us. But let's also realize this is going to boost morale. This is going to energize the people of this city to see the things that we love again. So this is an exciting, exciting moment for us all. Now--