Mayor Brandon Scott Didn't Attend Fells Point Town Hall Because He Was At Another Community Meeting

Many business owners and residents were upset that Mayor Brandon Scott didn't attend after promoting the town hall. WJZ asked Mayor Scott Friday why he didn't attend. He said that he was at another community meeting that was previously scheduled.

Video Transcript

- Well, business owners in Fells Point are fed up. Last night, city leaders hosted a virtual town hall to address their concerns. But some say the meeting fell short and did not properly address the issues of an increase in crime, lawlessness, and trash in the area. And many also criticized Mayor Brandon Scott for not attending.

- I was at a previously scheduled community meeting that has been on my calendar for weeks. This meeting at town halls at the request of the 46 district and [INAUDIBLE] city hall they wanted it to happen this week. I could not be there [INAUDIBLE] on their schedule for over a month to be there. They were able to have the deputy mayor there, the police commissioner there.

- At least 37 business owners have threatened to withhold taxes and other fees if the city does not address their concerns. The police commissioner says there will be a stepped-up police presence this weekend as well as additional road closures.