Mayor Demands Police Reforms Following CBS 2 Investigation Exposing 10-Year-Old's Abusers Remained Free

Five child sex offenders remained free until the CBS 2 Investigators got involved. Not only has the Chicago Police Department launched an internal investigation into its mishandling of a child sexual abuse case, but now Mayor Lori Lightfoot is also calling out the systematic failures that allowed these predators to remain free. CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini reports.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: Now a development in a CBS2 investigation. A 10-year-old girl victimized in a string of sexual assaults. Chicago Police arrested this man in one of the attacks late Friday, that man there. But only after we started asking questions and four months after DNA results linked him to the crime.

Late last night, Mayor Lightfoot sent us a statement calling out the police department's failures in this case. CBS2 investigator Dave Savini live in our streetside studio with the new details. Dave.

DAVE SAVINI: Brad, it took our investigation to get at least one of those accused child sex offenders locked up. But he remained free for an additional four months because CPD sat on the results of a DNA match to a rape kit, leaving him free to roam the streets.

Now, a total of five men are accused of assaulting the little girl, with the abuse starting back when she was just seven years old. Today, Mayor Lori Lightfoot says she's outraged and horrified. And wants the detective involved held accountable for failing to arrest Samuel Brown, that's his name, sooner.

Brown is accused of meeting the girl online and assaulting her in a Chicago area garage last May but he wasn't arrested and charged until last week when we started asking questions. Now, Mayor Lightfoot says she wants all of the alleged abusers to this little girl-- she wants all of those cases to be looked at again and have criminal investigations launched into those cases.

That should have been happening already, but apparently it wasn't. And she wants better policies in the way Chicago police handle these types of sex exploitation and human trafficking cases, Brad.

BRAD EDWARDS: Yeah, Dave, details in this one are just grueling. You talked about CPD dropping the ball here, failing to properly investigate the girl's cases, I mean months sitting on the return of the rape kit results. But where does the Department of Children and Family Services stand in all of this? Weren't they alerted to the abuses too?

DAVE SAVINI: Well the spotlight is on them as well because they knew about this girl's first abuses going back to the age of 7. And of course, they knew about all four of these other men that allegedly sexually assaulted her from May until October of last year and they left her in the environment when they could have gotten her child protective services.

So there are a lot of questions for DCFS right now. And of course, they always say they can't comment because they can't speak about these cases because they involve children.

BRAD EDWARDS: All right CBS2 investigator, Dave Savini. We'll know you'll stay on top of it, Dave. Thank you.