Mayor-Elect Parker plans to name Philadelphia police commissioner before Thanksgiving

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PHILADELPHIA - Incoming Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle Parker plans to hire a police commissioner before Thanksgiving to help enforce her bold ideas on how to tackle crime.

Parker, a Democrat, won Tuesday's election to become Philadelphia's first female mayor in a landslide decision over Republican challenger David Oh.

During a Thursday press conference to announce her Transition Team, the 51-year-old who made a campaign promise to rein in crime teased her first appointment.

Parker said the next commissioner of Philadelphia's police department will need to have "cultural competency and emotional intelligence" to make tough decisions.

"The next commissioner we have said needs to have my trust and my support as mayor," Parker said. "They also need to know the city – someone not needing a G.P.S. to make it to 52nd and Market, if that is where they need to go – the police commissioner will be my first personnel announcement."

Interim Commissioner John Stanford is Philadelphia's current top officer after Danielle Outlaw resigned from the position she served for over three years. Parker, 51, didn't tease candidates for the position or mention if Stanford is in the running to retain the job.

Parker herself plans on listening to the residents of Philadelphia through community councils that will give those living in different neighborhoods a chance to voice their unique concerns, including the controversial plan to build a new 76ers arena in Center City.

Parker – who won't take office for another two months – described the days following her historic Election Day win as "surreal" with lots of reflection on the work ahead and challenges facing the city.

"It was pretty surreal, pretty surreal, lots of reflection and thoughts about the work ahead," Parker said. "Really excited, humbled quite frankly, by the opportunity Philadelphians have given me to become their 100th mayor."