Mayor Lightoot Signs Into Law Updated Welcoming City Ordinance

Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Tuesday signed a measure eliminating loopholes in Chicago's Welcoming City ordinance, prohibiting Chicago police officers from cooperating with federal immigration agents.

Video Transcript

- Chicago now has more protections for immigrants and refugees living in the city. Mayor Lori Lightfoot signed an updated welcoming city ordinance. That was about an hour ago.

LORI LIGHTFOOT: That heritage of our immigrant and refugee communities is a source of our greatness, sets us apart from other places on the planet, and is one that we should celebrate and cherish.

- Lightfoot says the city's history of making Chicago a truly welcoming city dates back to the administration of Mayor Harold Washington and beyond that to the immigrants who founded and helped the city grow over the decades. One change in the new ordinance, the word citizen has been removed and replaced with person or resident to make the municipal code protections more inclusive.