Mayor of Mexico City suburb shot

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The mayor of a Mexico City suburb was shot Tuesday during a visit in his town.

Mexico State prosecutor Alejandro Gomez said two men asked Mayor Francisco Tenorio Contreras of Valle de Chalco to take a photo with them. One of the suspects then asked for a ride in the mayor's vehicle, and once aboard, shot him.

The president of the National Association of Mayors, Enrique Vargas, initially told Milenio television that Tenorio Contreras had died from his injuries, but later backed off that confirmation.

The city earlier said Tenorio was touring a housing development when he was shot. At that point his condition was not known.

Gomez' office said the mayor was in serious condition.

According to the mayors association, four mayors had been killed this year through Sept. 30. Eight were killed last year.

Tenorio had spoken publicly earlier this year about receiving threats, but told Milenio in March that he wasn't going to make a report about it.

"When they're going to kill you, they're going to kill you," he'd said.

Gov. Alfredo del Mazo condemned the attack and said authorities would find those responsible.

Valle de Chalco is a sprawling low-income suburb of about 400,000 residents just southeast of Mexico City.