Update: Public Health Caution After East Haven 'Red Alert' Status

Ellyn Santiago
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EAST HAVEN, CT — Mayor Joseph A Carfora has issued a public health alert after East Haven was today designated a "Red Alert" town joining 41 other cites and towns that were this week moved into that category.

The state's color-coded alert system has towns with spiking cases in the red alert level, which means those towns can choose to roll back to phase 2 instead of phase 3.

Carfora said the town's COVID-19 rate has jumped to 15.2.

The mayor said the town has "decided that we will undertake limited enforcement provided that business owners follow all state-mandated sector rules and continue to maintain social distancing, require face coverings, and conduct regular cleaning, and disinfecting."

He did note, however, that "enforcement will be taken with discretion in limited cases."

"I can assure you, that we are all partners in our community, and we will do all we can to work together as we live through this devastating pandemic," Carfora said.

Carfora sent a letter to East Haven business saying he does not want to see any businesses close but needs compliance with coronavirus mitigation rules.

"I want you to know that I do not want to have to close any businesses or pit or put an undue burden on your operations but I need your cooperation," he wrote. "Please adhere to the state and Health Department guidelines, and we'll get through this difficult time together."

Here's his full letter:

Covid Letter to Business Ow... by Ellyn Santiago


Schools can remain open for now

Meanwhile, Carfora said that the town has been told by East Shore District Health that the schools are safe and the virus is not spreading in schools. So, Carfora said, "At this time, schools will remain open. However, we will continue work with East Shore Health Department and the Superintendent of Schools to assess the situation and monitor the data and make adjustments to the current learning model if necessary."

Here is Carfora's update as posted to YouTube:

The town and schools have partnered with Fair Haven Health Clinic to hold a joint mask giveaway and COVID-19 testing event on Nov. 11 at the East Haven Joseph Melillo Middle School from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Read his full letter here:

East Haven COVID-19 Red Alert by Ellyn Santiago


This article originally appeared on the East Haven Patch