Mayor recovered from coronavirus takes part in French elections

Back on the campaign trail after recovering from coronavirus.

The incumbent mayor of one French town, François Daviet, had to halt his re-election campaign after testing positive for the virus and was put in isolation in hospital and in quarantine for 19 days.

But he's since recovered.


"I have completely recovered now. No fever anymore, no symptoms anymore, no diarrhoea anymore."

The 5000 inhabitant's of La Balme de Sillingy was one of the first COVID-19 clusters in France and implemented drastic measures to contain the virus more than two weeks ago. Schools, outdoor markets and public buildings were closed and people were encouraged to stay at home.

Despite the whole country now being on lockdown in an effort to curb the spread of the outbreak, France has still been heading to the polls as planned on Sunday (March 15) for its local elections.

Amongst those out to cast his vote was President Emmanuel Macron.

Despite imposing the restrictions he maintained the importance of carrying on with some parts of daily life, which included getting out to vote

Although he did stress this situation would still last several weeks and that the French people needed to remain together to keep the nation strong.