Mayor of Southlake responds to teachers being told to include “opposing” views of Holocaust

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Southlake Mayor John Huffman spoke out, in a Facebook post on Saturday, on his community’s school district curriculum, and the media’s response to it.

Carroll ISD recently made national news — and sparked outrage — over instructions to teachers to offer books with “opposing” views of the Holocaust.

In his post addressed to the Southlake community, Huffman said Southlake will always stand with its Jewish neighbors and friends, and there was no room for vagueness on the subject of the Holocaust.

“I know I speak for the entire Southlake community when I say that the idea that there could be two sides to the historical fact of the Holocaust is unthinkable,” Huffman said.

“There simply aren’t opposing viewpoints on the issue of condemning that monstrous evil, and I don’t know anyone who thinks there are.”

Huffman also criticized national media outlets for using the incident as a way to “tear down” the city. He said the criticisms hurt its citizens and business owners who want to feel pride in Southlake.

“It is our job to continue to elevate the positive stories around us, even if the national media only seeks to highlight our mistakes,” he said. “Let us celebrate the things that make us unique and diverse.”

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