Mayor Turner advises Houstonians to continue to boil water

Water supplies are slowly getting back to normal after last week's crisis. Here's how you can check on your utility's boil order status.

Video Transcript

SYLVESTER TURNER: We're still under the boil water notice, so let me just say that, and until we come out of it, there's going to be a tremendous need to provide people with drinking water.

The goal was to come out of this boil water notice, I said on Monday, a day or two on either end, could be Sunday, could be Tuesday. But Monday, I thought-- I just want to-- we're just working around the clock. The team is working around the clock to expedite us coming out of it.

- As of tonight, water supply is improving, but Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner still wants you to conserve your water until things return to normal. He even asked car washes to hold off on opening this weekend. At a city water distribution event in Northeast Houston, the mayor mentioned that district council members all over the city will soon receive water to start distributing to their residents. As for the water notice, samples were sent to a lab today to see if the water is safe to consume. Results are expected late tomorrow.