Mayweather Boxing and Fitness opens in Cheyenne

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Mar. 6—CHEYENNE — A new gym using the likeness of the winningest boxer in history opened here last weekend.

Mayweather Boxing and Fitness, the newest location in a national chain started by professional boxer Floyd Mayweather, is located in 2300 Chestnut Drive, Suite 1, near the Blue Federal Credit Union headquarters. Monthly membership costs $139, or $149, which includes an essentials kit and the first month free. Individual classes are also available at varying prices.

Some are probably familiar with Orange Theory, an instructor-led high-intensity interval training class that puts members through a series of cardiovascular-based weight training exercises. Mayweather Boxing and Fitness takes that format and incorporates boxing workouts as the main form of cardio.

"People see boxing, they see 'Mayweather,' but we don't have a ring, we don't do sparring," said head trainer Brett Henderson. "This is a place you come get in shape. We utilize boxing as part of the fitness, so it's a workout that incorporates boxing. It's not a boxing gym, it's a fitness gym."

Weekday classes are 45 minutes long, while weekend classes last an hour. Each class, which can take up to 32 people, puts members through eight different stations.

The first four stations are punching bag based: heavy bags, water-filled bags, long bags and wrecking ball bags. There are two "buddy" stations, for punching a light dummy shaped like a human figure. The remaining stations are for cardio and calisthenics.

Everyone participating in a class receives a heart monitor that helps them monitor their vitals and allows the trainer to make sure no one is pushing themselves too hard. After the first week of classes, the leaderboard displayed on one of the televisions shows most members are burning around 1,000 calories per session.

The classes aren't exclusively designed for experienced boxers. Out of their 175 current members, the clientele ranges from 13- to 70-year-olds of all experience levels.

"If you haven't worked out in three years and have never put on boxing gloves, you can come in and do these workouts," Henderson said. "If you're a former boxer and you're in phenomenal shape, you can do these workouts."

The high-intensity interval training market in Cheyenne is competitive. There's CrossFit Cheyenne, CrossFit Frontier, HIIT 30 and RockBox Fitness, the only other boxing and martial arts focused HIIT training center in the city.

Owners hope that what sets Mayweather Boxing and Fitness apart from other business is its namesake. Every class workout is based around what Floyd Mayweather himself uses to stay in shape.

That namesake is what caused the group of owners to open the business in the first place, with co-owner Andrew Wagnon being a major fan of Floyd Mayweather.

But it's been a slow process. The owners won't receive their business sign for another couple of months due to shipping issues. They actually had to convince the corporate office to open a location in Cheyenne because the city is technically under Mayweather's minimum population requirement.

But owners Cory and Taylor Lenz and Andrew and Megan Wagnon, who own several businesses around Cheyenne, knew that there was a place for Mayweather Boxing in the city.

"The good thing about it is consistency. No matter what McDonald's you go to, the Big Mac pretty much tastes the same," Cory Lenz said. "That's kind of the franchise model. You go to any Mayweather gym, you should get the same level of professionalism."

Henderson and the other trainers at Mayweather underwent a rigorous week with corporate of strength training, where they were put through every workout. The goal of Mayweather is to give a quality, personal experience, where people can feel comfortable and be greeted by their first name when they come in to exercise.

"I know everyone's left with a smile on their face and saying, 'Wow, this is something completely different,'" Lenz said. "It can seem intimidating sometimes because of the boxing, but I think they come in and realize it's a welcoming environment."

Will Carpenter is the Wyoming Tribune Eagle's Arts and Entertainment/Features Reporter. He can be reached by email at or by phone at 307-633-3135. Follow him on Twitter @will_carp_.