McConnell: Balance of power 'not yet decided'

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is attempting to strike a neutral tone as President Donald Trump makes baseless claims that Democrats are trying to "steal" the election. (Nov. 6)

Video Transcript

MITCH MCCONNELL: Good morning, everyone. Let me just say with regard to the matter I know you are all concerned about, about the unfolding presidential election, I've sent out a statement on tweet-- Twitter this morning that I think you've all gotten. And beyond that I don't have anything to say on that particular subject.

- Sir can you explain why--

MITCH MCCONNELL: I've already explained it. I've already explained it. It won't make any difference how many times you ask, k already given you my answer.

- What do you say to Americans who [INAUDIBLE]?

MITCH MCCONNELL: Yeah, I say to Americans, take a look at what I had to say this morning. This is not yet decided in this overwhelming close national election. We had a very good day. Most pundits thought we were going to lose the Senate, but we have not yet actually secured the majority. That will be determined in Georgia, where we will have two runoffs on January the 6th.