McConnell: We'll have transition, no nod to Biden

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday "I think we ought to quit all the hand wringing" as President Donald Trump, backed by Republicans in Congress, pursues legal challenges to Democratic President-elect Joe Biden's victory. (Nov. 10)

Video Transcript

MITCH MCCONNELL: What I'm going to do here in the Senate is concentrate on the business that we have left to do, which I mentioned a while ago-- an omnibus appropriation bill, maybe another coronavirus package-- and let the presidential election go through the various stages that it goes through under the Constitution. There will be apparently litigation. Those cases will be decided, and then the electoral college will meet, and then we'll have the inauguration. But I I'm going to concentrate on what we are trying to do here in the remainder of this Congress.

I don't think we're going to have an interrupted transition to whoever is the next administration. I think we ought to quit all the hand-wringing and not act like this is extraordinary. We're going to get through this period, and we'll swear in the winner on January the 20th, 2021, just like we have every four years since 1793.