McDonald’s brings back Hi-C Orange Lavaburst after 4-year hiatus

Brian Niemietz, New York Daily News
·1 min read

Orange is the new orange.

McDonald’s is bringing back the Hi-C Orange Lavaburst soft drink it pulled from its soda fountains nearly four years ago.

The fast food giant launched a website where customers craving a fix can monitor when it will be available at an eatery near them. That site goes live Feb. 15 — the same day McDonald’s brings back its green Shamrock Shake for a short-term promotion.

McDonald’s twitter feed says Hi-C Orange Lavaburst will be in all its restaurants by summer.

“Stop emailing me about this now,” reads a tweet from the eatery’s VP of marketing.

CNN reports that the non-carbonated drink lost its place on the menu in 2017 when McDonald’s subbed Sprite Tropic Berry into its spot in the trough. Hi-C Orange Lavaburst was first put on the menu around 1960.

A petition was started soon after the tangy beverage was pulled from Micky D’s rotation.

“For many people, this is the drink they’ve been drinking from McDonalds for years. It needs to stay at McDonalds for customers to enjoy!” that petition, signed by nearly 700 people. said.