McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Is Not Returning (Sorry)

10:31 a.m. is that dreaded time in the morning for many McDonald’s lovers when, if they're craving an Egg McMuffin, they are pretty much out of luck. And sadly, my fellow McDonald’s fans, that time is still in effect for all.

On Sept. 1, a now-deleted tweet went viral for giving the impression that McDonald’s was bringing back All Day Breakfast nationwide.

A screengrab of the now-deleted viral tweet. (bereniceruizzz via Twitter)
A screengrab of the now-deleted viral tweet. (bereniceruizzz via Twitter)

“NO F---ING WAY,” read the tweet, which showed an image of a real press release from McDonald’s titled “Let There Be Breakfast: McDonald’s Serving All Day Breakfast Starting Oct. 6.”

If there’s anything that could unite us as a country, it’s the ever-present hope that one could enjoy hash browns at 6 p.m., because the tweet was retweeted nearly 25,000 times and liked almost 150,000 times before it was deleted. But what this tweet neglected to tell you is that the press release is more than five years old.

McDonald confirmed to TODAY Food that the press release in the tweet was posted on its corporate website in 2015. The company also confirmed nothing is changing with the status of All Day Breakfast at the moment.

Eagle-eyed observers of the press release observed that at the bottom of the page, the copyright information reads, "2017-2019 McDonald’s. All Rights Reserved."

Unfortunately, this means there are no breakfast options after your local McDonald’s puts away its packets of syrup, pads of butter and stack of hash brown sleeves for the day. No hotcakes platters with or without sausage, no sausage burritos and last but surely not least, no crunchy, steamy and delectable hash browns. (Can you tell which one we're most sad about?)

Understandably, people across social media freaked out about this news, taking to the internet airwaves to express their joy and disbelief at the idea of permanent, on-demand hotcakes in all the 50 states.

“Aye… if this is fake.. I’ll cry. Don’t play me,” replied one Twitter user.

“So wait all day breakfast isn’t a thing outside Canada?? Damn we actually have a W in something,” tweeted a Canadian.

Others, however, became quickly hip to the mirage that was All Day Breakfast, shouting in the Twitter town square like a character holding a sign reading “The end is nigh” in a post-apocalyptic movie.

“This is a press release from 2015.  They are not going back to serving all day breakfast,” said one Twitter user.

“Unfortunately there’s no date on the article and it’s probably the one from 2015,” said another Twitter user, showing a tweet with similar phrasing from the fast-food chain’s social media past.

“We’ve been fooled!” declared another person in response to that tweet.

"The way i just woke up and found out THIS ISN'T REAL, IM SO SAD!!apparently it's from a 2015 press release which didn't have a date on it," said tweeted the original poster after less than a full day of internet infamy.

McDonald’s has giveth and McDonald’s has taketh away All Day Breakfast in the past, most recently offering its breakfast items in an all-day way before the start of the COVID lockdown in 2020. McDonald’s ended its all-day breakfast during the early days of pandemic to simplify service for McDonald’s workers.

Still, my hotcake-loving comrades, McDonald’s still serves breakfast, typically from 5 a.m. to 10:30 or 11 a.m. and later on some weekend days, so check your local store for exact times. You still may have to get up with the sun for your sunny-side-up McMuffin, for now.

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