McDonald's Has 50-Cent Double Cheeseburgers In Honor Of National Cheeseburger Day

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Photo credit: Alexander Spatari - Getty Images
Photo credit: Alexander Spatari - Getty Images

Today, September 18, is a national holiday. OK, so maybe presidents don't give speeches on this special day, but I do whole-heartedly believe everyone should be celebrating. It's National Cheeseburger Day! And all the best burger restaurants are offering the best deals. Some have super cheap, super juicy cheeseburgers. Others have an amazing buy one, get one deal. Here's a list of all the chains offering cheeseburger deals to celebrate the national holiday.


Download the app, and you'll get the deal McDonald's is known for having on National Cheeseburger Day—a 50 cent double cheeseburger. Once you've got the app, you can add the deal to your order, or get the deal code scanned at the drive-thru. There is a limit of one per customer.


Get a Double Classic Burger, complete with two patties, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and Smash sauce, for only $5 today! And all you have to do is show up at participating locations and order it!


Wendy's has been celebrating National Cheeseburger Day all week with a buy one, get one deal on some of their classic selections. All you have to do is order through the app. This promotion will be happening until September 19, so hurry up and get double the burgers.


Get fancy like Applebee's with this deal they are having for National Cheeseburger Day. Get any of their handcrafted burgers with a side of fries and a 30-ounce soft drink for pick-up or delivery for only $9.99. You have to order through the app or on their website, but how easy is that?

Wayback Burger

Buy one, get one of their classic burgers all day today to celebrate the holiday. Order through the app, and enjoy double the cheesiness. They are also opening a ‘Cheeseburger Hall of Fame’ to recognize people in pop culture who have had a cultural impact on the cheeseburger.

Hamburger Stand

We've got yet another buy one, get one deal to celebrate National Cheeseburger Day. You may need this coupon to access it, but once you do, you'll get one free Original Cheeseburger with the purchase of another. You can even use the coupon twice in the same order!

Carl's Jr.

If you are apart of Carl's Jr. emails (which you should be if you aren't) before National Cheeseburger Day, then you should get an email with an offer for a a Big Carl Small Combo for just $6.29.

Dairy Queen

Get the app, and you can get this freebie. With a purchase of a small or large Blizzard, get a FREE cheeseburger. Yes, free!


If you are signed up for Hardee's emails, grab a western bacon cheeseburger Small Combo for just $4.99.

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