McDonald's to bring back McRib in November

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Sep. 30—For fans of McDonald's famed pork sandwich, saucy satisfaction is one month away.

The McRib — comprised of a seasoned boneless pork patty, barbecue sauce, slivered onions and dill pickles on a homestyle bun — returns to McDonald's restaurants around the country "for a limited time" starting Nov. 1, according to a release from the Chicago based chain.

The sandwich celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, the company's Senior Archives Manager Mike Bullington stated in the release. It started at a Kansas City, Kansas store in 1981 and became a regional favorite.

The sandwich has since been added to the chain's international menus in Germany, New Zealand and France. In the United States, however, the sandwich has only made brief appearances on the American menu, such as when it was brought back in 1994 as a promotional tie-in for "The Flintstones" movie starring John Goodman.

The sandwich's popularity only grew through social media, as exemplified by, which the website claims to be independent from McDonalds and the pork industry.

"This site was created to help McRib fans locate this tasty yet elusive sandwich," a frequently asked questions page on the McRib Locator states.

According to Associated Press archives, what's become known as "McRib Season" is coming early this year. Last year's McRib promotion began the first week of December.

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